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Who is Maths Workshop appropriate for?

Generally, we welcome anyone from ages 8 to 12.

We are happy to make exemptions, as we believe there is always something new to learn; it doesn't matter at what stage of a child's learning journey.

The work is designed and led by professional Maths Teachers and is differentiated from easy and small steps to high levels. We have a variety of activities ready for the 'high flyers' who solve the puzzles so fast we need help to keep up and those who find it difficult.


Our Maths Workshop improves your child's confidence with maths, so contact us ASAP and book a place.


Who runs the Maths Workshops sessions?

Each session is created and led by passionate, enthusiastic, excitable secondary school Maths Teachers.


All leaders and assistants have enhanced DBS checks and experience working with SEN pupils.


We have a strict staff-to-child ratio, which means that children will get more focused attention from staff members than classroom learning or any other extracurricular help you get for this kind of price range.


Why are the sessions only for one / two half-term days?

We don't want to deliver just another typical afterschool or holiday club.

Our Maths teachers carefully design each Workshop to maximise learning time through fun activities. We want to avoid repetition, so each time, your child will have the opportunity to explore different fields of mathematics.

All of our participants want to come back again. We are sure your child will also leave our Workshops "wowed" and hungry for more.


What activities do you provide?

Many school children see maths as dull and something they want to avoid.
We believe a good learning process occurs when a child can explore mathematics through play.


Edu Plus Workshop's carefully selected activities are hands-on, vibrant, energetic and fun.

Our experienced Maths teachers have created exciting sessions to help your child build logical thinking and curiosity and boost confidence in Maths. 

Each Workshop will inspire your child to learn the time, metric units of length, weight, area, volume, capacity, temperature, time, money, decimals, fractions, percentages, negative numbers, angles, and many more.

Children can participate in competitions, quizzes, and group tasks and win prizes of their own choice.
By the end of the session, your child will take home our colourful folder with excellent resources to explore more Mathematics and consolidate the learned knowledge.

Are the meals included?

Meals or snacks are not included. Children will have short breaks to have a drink and snack, but it has to be provided by parents/carers.


We might occasionally offer sweet prizes, but it will be after allergy and medical consultation with parents/carers.


Limited number

of places !!!

*First come

first served*


Can my child use a mobile phone during the Workshop?

While we understand that some children have mobile phones, we actively discourage them from using them within the Workshop.


The Edu Plus does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones brought to the Workshop by the children.

Children must not use their mobile phone to take photographs of any kind whilst at the Workshop.


If they want a picture of a particular activity, they can ask a staff member to take one using the Edu Plus Workshop camera.

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