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The small team of local secondary Maths Teachers led by Ms Karolina Siciarz started Maths Workshops in February 2022. 

We created a Math Workshops concept to bring maths outside of school. We wanted students to enjoy different learning environments and have plenty of time to explore, understand and have fun learning Mathematics.

We want to be different from a weekly basis maths club. Our Workshops are mostly half-term events with themed activities. Students are welcome to come dressed according to the theme or as they want. 

The mission is to shift the current way of thinking about mathematics and adopt a new perspective. With our passion, knowledge, resources, and hands-on activities, we want to teach real-life skills and change the trajectory of students' lives.

Lead Teacher Profile:
Ms Karolina Siciarz ( pron: shee-ch-yash)


In 2005, I came to Wisbech from small town in Poland to study language. Just before that, in 2004, I gained teacher qualifications and a master's Degree from Pedagogical University in Slupsk (Poland).

In 2012, my diploma was honoured, and I became the UK's qualified teacher with Teacher Qualification Number 14338887.

Since then, I have worked as a KS3 and KS4 Maths Teacher for the local secondary schools. Previously at TCA I was known as Ms Karolina Scott, now back to my maiden name.


In my spare time I love to spent time with my family and friends, playing board games, reading books and catching up Netflix with choclate ice cream bowl in front of me ;-) .

I also run private 1-to-1 tuitions based in Wisbech (

I am passionate about my work and love sharing my knowledge and skills with my students. 

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