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Children’s use of mobile phones

Whilst we understand that some children have mobile phones, we actively discourage them from using their phones within the workshop. The Edu Plus does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones brought to the club by the children.

Children must not use their mobile phone to take photographs of any kind whilst at the workshop. If they want a photograph of a particular activity they can ask a member of staff to take one using Edu Plus Workshop camera.

Visitors’ use of mobile phones

In the interest of safeguarding we ask all parents and visitors not to use their phones or other mobile devices on workshop premises. Taking of photographs by parents or visitors is strictly prohibited. If a parent would like to have a photograph of their child involved in an activity or at play, they can ask a member of staff to take one using the workshop camera.


Health and Safety Policy
Edu Plus Workshops considers health and safety to be of utmost importance. We comply with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 at all times.
Edu Plus Workshops has appropriate insurance cover, including employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance.
Each member of staff follows the Edu Plus Workshops’ Health and Safety policy and is responsible for: 
•    Maintaining a safe environment
•    Taking reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others attending the Edu Plus W
•    Reporting all accidents and incidents which have caused injury or damage or may do so in the future
•    Undertaking relevant health and safety training when required to do so by the manager. 
Any member of staff who disregards safety instructions or recognised safe practices will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Equalities Policy
At Edu Plus Workshops we will ensure that we provide a safe and caring environment, free from discrimination, for everyone in our community including children with additional needs. 
To achieve the Edu Plus Workshops' objective of creating an environment free from discrimination and welcoming to all, the Edu Plus will:
•    Respect the different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages in a multi-ethnic society so that each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping.
•    Not discriminate against children on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, class, family status or HIV/Aids status.
•    Help all children to celebrate and express their cultural and religious identity by providing a wide range of appropriate resources and activities.
•    Strive to ensure that children feel good about themselves and others, by celebrating the differences which make us all unique individuals.
•    Ensure that its services are available to all parents/carers and children in the local community.
•    Ensure that the Edu Plus W
orkshops’ recruitment policies and procedures are open, fair and non-discriminatory.
•    Work to fulfil all the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010. 
•    We will monitor and review the effectiveness of our inclusive practice by conducting an Inclusion Audit on an annual basis.


Missing Child Procedure

At Edu Plus Workshops we are always alert to the possibility that children can go missing during sessions. To minimise the risk of this happening staff will carry out periodic head counts, particularly when transporting children between locations (eg walking from the school to the workshop). 

If a child cannot be located, the following steps will be taken:
•    All staff will be informed that the child is missing.
•    Staff will conduct a thorough search of the premises and surrounding area.
•    After 10 minutes the police will be informed. The manager will then contact the child’s parents or carers.
•    Staff will continue to search for the child whilst waiting for the police and parents to arrive. 
•    We will maintain as normal a routine as possible for the rest of the children at the workshop.
•    The manager will liaise with the police and the child’s parent or carer.

The incident will be recorded in the Incident Log. A review will be conducted regarding this and any other related incidents along with relevant policies and procedures. We will identify and implement any changes as necessary.


Complaints Policy
At Edu Plus Workshops we aim to work in partnership with parents to deliver a high quality childcare service for everyone. If for any reason we fall short of this goal, we would like to be informed in order to amend our practices for the future. Our complaints policy is displayed on the premises at all times. Records of all complaints are kept for at least three years. A summary of complaints is available for parents on request.
The manager is usually responsible for dealing with complaints. If the complaint is about the manager, the registered person or other senior member of staff will investigate the matter. Any complaints received about staff members will be recorded on an Incident log and a Complaints log will be completed. Any complaints made will be dealt with in the following manner:
Stage one
Complaints about aspects of Edu Plus Workshops activity:
•    The manager will discuss the matter informally with the parent or carer concerned and aim to reach a satisfactory resolution.
Complaints about an individual staff member: 
•    If appropriate the parent will be encouraged to discuss the matter with staff concerned.
•    If the parent feels that this is not appropriate, the matter will be discussed with the manager, who will then discuss the complaint with the staff member and try to reach a satisfactory resolution.
Stage two
If it is impossible to reach a satisfactory resolution to the complaint through informal discussion, the parent or carer should put their complaint in writing to the manager. The manager will:
•    Acknowledge receipt of the letter within 7 days.
•    Investigate the matter and notify the complainant of the outcome within 28 days.
•    Send a full response in writing, to all relevant parties, including details of any recommended changes to be made to the Edu Plus Workshops' practices or policies as a result of the complaint.
•    Meet relevant parties to discuss the Edu Plus Workshops' response to the complaint, either together or on an individual basis.
If child protection issues are raised, the manager will refer the situation to the Club’s Child Protection Officer, who will then contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and follow the procedures of the Safeguarding Children Policy. If a criminal act may have been committed, the manager will contact the police. 


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